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Gill Perdue is the author of If I Tell (previously published as The Interview), the first in the Laura Shaw series of Crime novels published by Penguin, set in the fictional Dublin suburb of Clonchapel. She also writes for children. Her first children’s novel, Adam’s Starling, won a Bisto Award (the Eilís Dillon Memorial) for that year.


A primary school teacher by training, Gill worked for many years in Tallaght and other schools in south Dublin, and this experience informed and inspired her earliest writings, as did her work on a children’s helpline. A lifelong love of dance and music saw her train separately as a dance teacher, and for many years Gill has been teaching Ballet and Modern in a busy school in Rathfarnham.


She is drawn to the exploration of the domestic, behind the façade presented by adults and even very young children, reflecting the real experiences of living in a world where the best and worst of what it means to be human exist side by side.


Gill lives in Rathfarnham with Kevin and Angus (one of these is a dog). They have two adult daughters, one living in London and one recently returned to live here. Inky and Dusty - a pair of disapproving rescue cats - complete the picture.

Gill's new book in the Shaw & Darmody series, When They See Me, was published published on June 1st.

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