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The latest book in the Shaw & Darmody series, OUT NOW!

When They See Me

An au pair disappears in the heart of suburbia. When her body shows up,
all eyes are on the only witness to her abduction, a two-year-old child.


Detective and expert witness interviewer Laura Shaw knows she is needed. But in the aftermath of a case that nearly broke her, Laura questions if she can continue to do police work. Her partner, Detective Niamh Darmody, is on the case, but without Laura to rely on, she’s struggling too.


When the discovery of a second body blows all their theories out of the water, Laura and Niamh must accept that the killer is poised to strike again.


All they know is that he is tantalisingly close, hidden in plain sight.
But they won’t see him - not until he wants them to...


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Also in the Shaw & Darmody series:

If I Tell is still known by its former name THE INTERVIEW on Audible. 
Same story, 
amazing narration.

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Previously published as The Interview

With well drawn characters and an intense, urban plot, When They See Me feels gritty and, above all, authentic.


Pacy and intense...kept me frantically turning pages til the nail-biting end.


A fantastically thrilling police procedural with two feisty, believable female leads. Everything I love in a book!


Page turning, twisty and gripping. Characters that you really care about and that are raw and real. A great read!


Praise & Reviews for When They See Me

When They See Me is an adrenalin-charged page-turning read that passes the second book challenge with honours, leaving the reader wanting more of Shaw and Darmody’s colourful lives.’


Faith O'Grady at The Lisa Richards Agency:

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